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Artist's Statement

My paintings are about form, color & light. My inspiration is the

sights and colors of my everyday world.

The subject of a large body of my work is landscapes, especially trees.

Some of these are plein air work and the ones that aren’t done onsite

are from sketches and photos from walks in woods and parks.

I’ve always loved being outdoors exploring the natural world and my

landscape paintings are about the sights, sounds and smells of that

experience. I have found myself returning often to a familiar site

where I know the “bones” of what I intend to paint which frees me to

explore the changing that happens at different times of day, seasons

and weathers. Lately it seems that one painting will suggest another as

a way to further explore a theme of light or composition.

My still life work is about visual seduction. I can think of no other way to describe it. I chose to paint objects that have a strong visual appeal, with colors and textures that interest me. I strongly prefer organic forms for my subjects—usually fruits and vegetables. I will also use fabric as a further source of visual interest in my paintings.

At some point in every successful work I start to look at the painting

more than my sources. This is when I make changes based on what I

need to do to make the final painting work—what I need to visually

pull the viewer into and around the picture.

I have recently added relief prints to my proposal. Different from

my paintings this work explores line and structure. The prints are

one color or multiple color. Some are hand colored or collaged (or

both). Many are Variable open editions reflecting my tendency to

experiment/play when working in the studio.

Ultimately my work is about the visual play of color and form and the

mood and moment I am expressing.

Rough  layout to define values and composition

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